Increase productivity. Reduce costs and increase operation efficiencies. Get more out of your team.

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Eliminate errors. Allow automated systems to manage your company's day to day activities.

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Tie your backend systems to your front end systems. Get visibility into your entire business, not just part of it.

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Focus on increasing profitability. Get the full picture of your business so that you are able to make your decisions quickly and accurately.

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Grow your business knowing the systems you have in place can manage that growth.

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Intelligent Business Solutions


We build software solutions leveraging today's technology to allow your team to focus on value added tasks. Let us make today's software work for you.

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Ensure the software tools and systems utilized in your organization are integrated and are providing the information you need to efficiently run your business.

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Ensure the software solutions provide the visibility you need to manage your business today and manage the growth of your business tomorrow.

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company profile

Nakassa Software Solutions focuses on building Business Intelligence solutions for businesses looking toward leveraging software solutions to improve work flow, better manage process and increase work productivity.

We leverage software development tools that have drastically evolved and allow organizations to configure solutions that closely manage their current processes, remove errors that are introduced by manual processes and maximize efficiency to allow their employees to focus on other strategic tasks. These solutions also provide easy integration to each other and other solutions leveraged in their organization.

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latest project

Nickels Treasury Management System integrates cash, investment and debt management into one consolidated repository of treasury information. Its simplified, yet flexible interface manages your organization's treasury while your financial personnel can focus efforts on value added activities. Efficiency would increase substantially as Nickels would reduce reconciliation time and enhance reporting capabilities needed to disseminate information & measure performance.